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Our Occupational Health and Safety Management System Platform is a revolutionary online business application which creates synergy and transparency in your employment programs, such as health and safety, human resources and wellness. Managing these programs can be tricky and can often come at high costs in time and finances and at the end of the day the most valuable asset of any company is its employees.


Our OHSMS provides an easy and efficient way to help support you in managing these programs.

OHSMS is a “one-stop” employment portal which provides your organization and its employees with secure online access to their policies, forms, procedures, online training, incident reporting and analysis, employment (shift) scheduling, event or external course scheduling, company announcements, SDS catalogue, monthly safety talk, equipment maintenance program and more.

With user-friendly interfacing and easy to use tools and applications, OHSMS is easy to understand and quick to implement. Your OHSMS is highly customized to your specific needs. With a site themed to your own branding and a URL unique to your company, this really becomes YOUR program.


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