About Us

For over 15 years now, WRM Safety Solutions Consulting Inc. has been providing companies of all size, that special partnership of “with you every step of the way” specializing in Occupational Health & Safety Prevention and Systems Management.


As a valued client, you receive 24/7/365 support in your on-going pursuit of eliminating injuries / illness in the workplace.


WRM Safety Solutions Consulting Inc. is a privately owned, professional health & safety company located in Mount Hope, Ontario. We assist firms in achieving success in health and safety by lending our expertise, experience, training and in-depth knowledge of policies and procedures on a national level to ensure you achieve the highest level of Due Diligence!


We offer firms over 50 years of expertise in Health & Safety and Worker Compensation Claims Management at very affordable prices. Our experience allows us to serve all business sectors – automotive, health care, manufacturing, retail, food & beverage, services, hospitality etc...


As a national provider, WRM Safety Solutions Consulting Inc. strives to empower Employers to achieve national and provincial standards while always maintaining the competitive edge in business and profitability. 


We offer Quality services with products at very affordable rates.


Our materials are developed specific to your business, meeting the requirements of law while appreciating your business needs and constraints.  By using clear language and concise procedures, we offer employers an effective tool in managing their occupational health and safety systems.