Program Information

Contractor Safety 24-7: This affordable web based program ensures that all Contractors and Suppliers to your company are compliant to your Provincial Health and Safety Legislation, Regulations and Standards. This program gives peace of mind to companies and ensures that the employees who are working on projects, buildings and workplaces are competent in Health and Safety, thus minimizing risk, preventing injuries and mitigating your company’s liability.

Any Internet connection provides 24-7 access to the documentation compliance between Hiring Firm, Contractors and Sub Contractors. Custom designed questions, based on specific hazards of the job or project, ensure that those performing the work are competent to do so prior to beginning work. Documented training, policies, procedures and insurance are all validated in the web based Contractor Safety 24-7 program.

How the Program Works:

1.Hiring Firm determines which Contractors / Suppliers will be required to register in the Contractor Safety 24-7 Program. This determination is made by assessing the type and severity of hazards the Contractor / Supplier’s worker will be exposed to, while working under contract or agreement wit the Hiring Firm.
2.A list is created of requirements, documentation, training and evidence required of the Contractor / Supplier. Using Provincial specific requirements and best practices, a realistic benchmark is determined for the Hiring Firm’s Contractor / Suppliers. A score will be determined for each requirement and an acceptable pass or fail grade will be set. Any Contractor / Supplier not meeting the pass grade will be given a specific period of time to fulfill requirements. Resources and tools to assist the failing firm to compliance are supplied. This is an additional fee for this service to the Contractor / Supplier.
3.Hiring Firm notifies all Contractor / Suppliers that are now required to demonstrate Health and Safety competencies.
4.Contractors / Suppliers register on web site and complete assessment.

Contractor is a useful tool to ensure that all Contractors are competent in their tasks and know how to safely perform these tasks before beginning the work.
This program ensures that all safety bases are covered and no one is left exposed to manageable risks.